Where we come from – and where we’re headed

At METRO we are convinced that food is the basis for a healthy economy and a lively coexistence. Whether restaurant, café or catering company: They all enrich our lives. We know that the success, growth and importance of these companies are linked to the perseverance and creativity of people who work with passion for their business.

It's them who set the pace in food and technology.

A lot has changed since METRO was founded in 1963. Since then we have expanded to 26 countries with currently ca. 150.000 colleagues working with us worldwide. Today, the way people perceive food paradigm-shifted towards a broader interest and subtile understanding of its general importance. Today it is possible to revolutionize the status quo of food through advanced modern technologies.

And this is what we do at METRONOM - METRO’S spearhead and backbone on its journey into the future of food.


The world on a plate

Decades of experience in logistics enable us to design on-demand delivery models for the 21st century metropolis. Our unique food expertise, insight into global markets and our fulfillment-system allows for us to consistently offer the best products, services and technologies, when and where they are needed – be it the local Berlin food market or a three-star restaurant in Shanghai.

Keeping it cool since 1963

The secret to METRO’s legendary freshness is, of course, its meticulous cold chain: A steak should taste the same in Algier just as it does in Tokyo - no matter how far it has travelled. Today this cold chain is cloud-based, guaranteeing effective worldwide processing and transparency for our customers while also minimizing waste.

Knowledge on the line

More than 40% of European restaurateurs are looking for new ways to speed up their operations and become more profitable. At METRONOM we are developing sales tools to manage relationships with customers and respond to their needs. Just as we are working on technologies like blockchain that could have tremendous effects on the future of food. Potential benefits reach from eliminating fraud within the supply chain to bringing food safety to a whole new level.

Follow the food

The future of food will be transparent. Where does it come from? How long did it travel? Where was it stored? At METRONOM this mindset is our mission, as the PRO TRACE app clearly demonstrates. It allows you to scan METRO products in order to retrace their origins. But this is just the beginning - we have exciting new solutions in the offing.

Bigger Data

METRONOM is using advanced analytics to learn from the massive datasets gathered during our everyday work. This helps to guide the decisions of our customers and support their businesses with valuable data driven insights.